Archived GCPs

We have at our disposal more than 2400 recent GCPs (450 areas) located mainly around major international airports.  They are spread over 90 countries and 4 continents and can be seen on the map below or by downloading a global kmz file (with links to logsheets).

Interactive map

By clicking on a GCP, a sketch plan and photos of the environment will be displayed and you can then download the logsheet (truncated coordinates) free of charge.  You will also find on the sheet the date of the survey, the estimated accuracy (from 5 to 15 cm XYZ) and the geodetic system used.

Thus, you can check the visibility and utility for your images.  We can, of course, provide additional surveys - do not hesitate to ask via the ‘contact us’ page.

Double Click on your AOI for a clearer view of GPC's distribution Refresh to global view


Points are usually computed in ETRF2000 for Europe and ITRF2008  or 2014 (measurement epoch) outside, however, they can be transformed to other datum. For every GCP, we provide:

  • Geographical coordinates (Latitude / Longitude / Ellipsoidal height)
  • Projected coordinates (UTM zone, EGM08 elevation)
  • Estimated accuracy