Formed in 1990 by qualified Surveying Engineer Bertrand BOULLARD - a graduate of the prestigious French ESTP school - TopoSat® provides services focusing on the use of GPS/GNSS positioning techniques.

Thanks to its lightweight structure, TopoSat® offers fast and flexible responses to all requests in its scope of expertise. We can also call on our informal partner network in France and various countries worldwide for support in case of large requirements in terms of personnel or equipment.

We operate throughout France and in the World.


Our core expertise lies in surveying and stake-out services using GPS/GNSS for farmers, design offices, civil engineering and utility companies, registered surveyors and topographers, photogrammetrists, administrations and public services. TopoSat® is one of France's oldest and most experienced companies in these specialist fields.

In page Business Apps, We outline some representative examples of project in different sectors of activity.

Aerial and Satellite Imaging

We take part in imaging campaigns by supplying the ground control and checkpoints required for image creation within a given geodetic system. We supply finished products (from orthophoto maps to DTMs) tailored to your requirements, in conjunction with our trusted partners. We also produce orthophoto maps and DTMs directly in certain cases.

Drone mapping

Recent developments in the use of civilian drones have meant a growing number of operators, coming from different professional sectors (some, even, with little real professional skill, as was the case with the arrival of the first GPS receivers.  Fortunately, with time, the situation has resolved itself.).

As experienced professionals in mapping and specialising in field GPS positioning since 1990 - in particular collecting  Ground Control Points  for aerial image, satellite or reference surfaces for Lidar - it seems only natural that we should offer drone-based topographical services, because:

  • Producing a precise orthophotoplan requires collection of a minimum number of GCP (Ground Control Points), even for drones fitted with PPK or RTK GPS, and especially when the work produced is used in cubic volume differential calculus (mines, quarries, public works, urban development, etc.) or the location of building sites.
  • Together with our French aviation partners we have developed an orthophotoplan production system, based on using ultra-lights, in France and in Africa, employing the same techniques as those used for capturing images from drones.

These services are, therefore, a natural development of our current activities.

In full compliance with the prevailing regulations (law of 17th December 2015), we are registered with the DGAC (French civil aviation authority) as operators of unmanned aircraft for specific activities under registration number EDO1760 within the scopes of  S1, S2 and S3 (cf. Legal information page).

Surveying Engineering

Surveying is our core business. We are familiar with both old and new techniques, possibilities and limitations, implementation times and costs. TopoSat® offers its lengthy experience to customers who need to tackle surveying but do not really feel confident about it.

We are experienced in the installation of GPS/GNSS networks (public and private), as well as sizing and deployment.


TopoSat® is also a training organization registered with the Ile de France Vocational Training Agency and stages in-house training courses on request.

Community Life

We are a member of the French Association for Topography (AFT), of French Association for Geographical Information (Afigeo) and of Chambre Syndicale Nationale des Géomètres Topographes.

Legal informations