GCP Survey

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Ground Control Points (GCP) surveys

Aerial images need to be "orthorectified" whatever the vector (satellite, aircraft, drone, etc.), to produce a document (paper or electronic) incorporating the geometric qualities of a topographic drawing.

Depending on the intended use of these images and their resolution, this operation involves surveying a more or less large quantity of Ground Control Points (GCP).

From Hong Kong & Macao in the East to Trinidad & Tobago in the West, and Ivalo (Finland) in the North to Pointe Noire (Congo) in the South, we have collected thousands of GCPs for photogrammetry firms. The results are supplied in the shape of a logsheet including sketches, a site map and photos, as in the example shown on the right.

Reference surfaces for LIDAR surveys

Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) is a technology based on the aerial acquisition (by plane or helicopter) of a scatter plot on the ground. This acquisition allows determination of the ground relief (including ground covered with vegetation), together with the overground relief (canopy, buildings, etc.), with an altimetric accuracy of a few centimetres.

We supply LIDAR operators with "Reference surfaces" i.e. sets of points collected using a regular grid (step and scope depending on the LIDAR point density) on a flat surface. These files are delivered in standard formats (text, shapefile, kmz, or other).

GCP for Pleïade image of Larnaca Airport (Cyprus) - Logsheet

Lidar reference area  in Paris region.

Lidar reference area in Paris region.